Menu planning Thursday - 25 March 2010

Only one more school packed lunch to make...the Easter holidays are in sight - yeehaw!

  • Danish Biksemad, which got dropped from yesterday's menu. What's that, you ask? A kind of hash: fried cubed potatoes, beef, onions, topped with a fried egg, served with ketchup or brown HP sauce and cubed beetroot. One of the kids' (and DH's) favourites. And the potato/onion/beef mix comes in a bag from the freezer - easy! ;)

  • DBIL (Dear-Brother-In-Law) is coming to watch the kids while DH and I are out rocking to Magtens Korridorer (see Monday's blogpost). We'll give DBIL dinner before we go ;) I'm making roast lamb with creamy, tomato sauce. Green beans with sugar and bacon - recipe from Jenny's blog. Thanks, Jenny, for the idea - may not be healthy, but they taste darn good! ;) And gratin dauphinois - my own, quick n' easy shortcut recipe is on the blog right here. And very good it is too! ;)

  • It's the final of Danish X-Factor on the telly tonight. Chicken in puff pastry, smashed cauliflower (idea via Leanne Ely, a.k.a. The Dinner Diva from And a big, green salad.
  • Will probably make Crab Quiche (a variation on the basic quiche lorraine using tinned crab, cheese, eggs and spring onions) and more salad.
  • The first dish that DH ever made for me, Oksekød i Fad. Or in English, 'Beef in a Bowl'! A Danish variation on shepherd's pie which uses truckloads of ketchup. Terribly glamorous! ;) If you'd like to try it out, hubby's recipe is here.
  • Using my crockpot today and will do a whole chicken or pork chops in it, depending on my mood. Whatever I make will be served with wholemeal pasta.
  • Quesadillas or tortilla wraps using yesterday's leftover chicken or chops. Veggie sticks on the side: cucumber, red pepper and carrot.
Bon appétit!

Spring is here! Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! :)


C-Joy said…
Oooh flowers! Can't wait to see what they look like when they bloom :-D