Sunday, 31 January 2010

Scaredy Cat Challenge - 31 January 2010 (Twinkle Toes)

How are you all doing on your own Scaredy Cat Challenges? :) Remember they should just be small things that you would like to do (as opposed to a year-long 2010 Resolution) and maybe you just need a little gentle push to do them. If you want an explanation of why I've set up these Challenges for myself (and perhaps you'd like to join in...) then go back and read my first post I'm in Stitches!

Last week I announced that I was finally going to have my feet 'done'. I don't like showing off my toes in public and I really don't like people touching my feet! ;) So the word 'pedicure' gives me goosebumps. Well, I wrote it on the blog last week, so there was no going back - was there? ;)

First of all, I have to say I was unsure where to make the appointment... Should I call the beauty salon or should I see a chiropodist? I chose the beauty salon - because it sounded more of a pamper and I could even make the booking online. Now here's a funny thing - as soon as I made the appointment, I immediately started worrying about what the beautician would think of my legs, fingernails etc... So the night before, I had a long pamper session...shaved my legs, slapped on some self-tan and gave myself a mini-manicure. Was already beginning to feel more glamorous! :) Removed the old, dark purple (covers up unsightly nails) polish and (I don't believe I'm showing you this, but in the interests of science...) here we have specimen A.

The Big Day arrived and I was actually quite excited. Though a bit disappointed when I entered the beauty salon because, although the surroundings were quite nice, there was no cabin to speak of... I sat up on a platform with just a blind between me and the reception area! Anyway, I was given a warm glass of (very good, it must be said) chai and a stack of glossy magazines, so I tried to relax as best I could while the beautician got to work.

Can't remember all the things she did (tried not to look at some points, tried not to squirm at lots of others) but they certainly included: pushing back the cuticles, filing, shaping and buffing the toenails, removal of some very hard skin (due to all that running I'm doing, methinks?), sugar peel, footmask, herbal footbath, foot massage, lots of moisturising cream and, finally, a basecoat. No coloured polish because I wanted to show you lot! :)

And here you have it, Specimen B. Not bad at all! :)

And the final outcome? I've even decided to give it a go again in a couple of months. Though I'll definitely try a different salon (will ask my real life friends for recommendations). And I'm seriously thinking of trying some French gel toenails for the summer holidays...I'll keep you posted! Until then, it's time to pack my tootsies away from public scrutiny - and wait until the big thaw. (This is Friday night's snow.)

Happy snowy Sunday! :)

PS - What's my next Scaredy Cat Challenge? I'm joining my twisters in their current crochet craze. Shall we hook up? ;) Just add your own blog to the McKLinky if you'd like to join me on the Scaredy Cat Challenge!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Gimme, gimme, gimme...trifle!

In honour of today's #FlybabyMovieParty (Mamma Mia), for today's pudding we're going a bit retro. Something we ate for dessert if we had guests (neighbours or aunties and uncles) when I was a young Abba fan over 30 years ago :)

You'll need:

  • one packet of Bird's Trifle
  • one glass bowl (this is essential, trifle just doesn't taste right made in any other vessel)

Break the sponge biscuits and place in bowl.

Make up the jelly and pour over the sponge.

Leave to cool and enjoy the snow outside.

Next up, thick, yellow custard.

Whip up the 'Dream Topping'. Oh how the retro taste of synthetic cream stirs up the memories! :)
Layer it all up: jelly, custard, Dream Topping, chocolate vermicelli - or sprinkles, as they call them over the pond ;) Chill until ready. Enjoy the squelchy sound as you dish out large portions ;)

Bon appétit and happy singalong to "Mamma Mia" Saturday! :)

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Friday, 29 January 2010

Five go to the cinema!

Don't know quite how I ended up with 'fives' of things I like on Fridays. Could be something to do with the Enid Blyton books? Not the infamous "Famous Five", didn't like those kids. I preferred the Enid Blyton series "The Five Finder-Outers" who were more sleuthlike. But, as usual, I digress!

I'm all excited about the #FlyBabyMovieParty tomorrow - see my previous post for details on how to join in! :) My twisters (twitter sisters) and I will be watching Mamma Mia 'together' around the globe. I've good food planned, and DD7 and I will be dressing up...

Surprisingly enough, I also have a real life (not this blog/twitter/facebook one) and have some real live girlfriends. Whom I also drag along to the various soirées I organise. I'm thinking a trip to the cinema is just what we need to start off the social year. Because it's still too cold, icy and snowy to go gadding about in town in our high hair and high heels ;)

So here are the five films I've come up with. A random bunch.
  • Sherlock Holmes   (though I'm not sure I'll ever see Robert Downey Jr in the same light after watching "Tropic Thunder"...)
  • Avatar   (but I'll probably see this with DS10)
  • It's Complicated/Det'indviklet   (a 'girly' film and I love Alec Baldwin in the series 30Rock)
  • Whatever Works/Mig og Melody   (Woody Allen is always worth watching)
  • ......euh, I couldn't find anything else that tickled my fancy, suggestions gratefully received!
Hope you all have a fabulous Friday! :)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Menu planning Thursday - 28 January 2010 - Recipe for 'healthy' fat chips

Had a lovely run with my friends V and H this morning. We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday (yes, yes, lots of exercise from all the shovelling) and at 9am this morning the park looked just like a Christmas card...

Weather is still chilly and there's more snow forecast the next few days. Though we might get temperatures above freezing today - woo hoo! So don't be surprised if this week's menu still has an air of comfort food about it ;)


  • Fish n' chips n' peas! Traditional British food ;) Homemade fish 'fingers' made from fresh cod (delivered by our online grocery people last night). If you want to know how we make ours, you can see the 'recipe' on an earlier blogpost. We'll be having the fish with 'healthy' fat chips - hello to my twisters Pippa and Emma, many thanks for the inspiration! The homemade fish fingers and homemade chips can be cooked in the oven at the same time :)

  • Here's how to make the 'healthy' chips. Slice potatoes into fat chips, you can leave them to soak in water for about 30 minutes if you like. Boil them for 5 minutes (until they're just about to go soft), pour off the water and let the chips dry until it's dinnertime. Pour over about one tablespoon of olive oil, making sure they're all nicely coated. Bake in a hot oven until they're golden brown and crunchy - will take about 20 minutes. Sprinkle with sea salt. They'll be soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yum! :)
  • Chicken breast roasted in the oven and served in tortillas with lots of fresh chopped veggies. Kids are mad about tortillas and it's great, easy food for Friday night.

  • Steak salad. Big juicy steaks, rolled in black pepper, flashfried and finely sliced. On a bed of rucola salad, fried shallots, cherry tomato and feta (or maybe goat's) cheese, balsamic dressing. Will be making a dessert - will post recipe on Saturday.
  • Wholemeal pasta with garlic, bacon, courgette and any leftover chicken from Friday's dinner. Raw spinach on the side.

  • Forloren Hare (Danish meatloaf, 'mock hare') with lots of lovely sauce, beetroot, baby potatoes and green beans. You can see my recipe here. I made up a batch of them in December and froze them (uncooked), today I'm using the last one.

  • Scout night for the kids. Grilled sandwiches. Ricepudding made in the ricecooker (use the 1 hour cycle).

  • Back after a long absence, our old family favourite...'Hurdy Gurdy' Swedish Sausage Stew. My recipe is here. Serving with bulgur or pearl barley (made in the ricecooker). The finished dish looks like this...

Bon appétit and have a lovely 'little Friday'! ;)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

London Calling - part two

Did you enjoy your icecream? ;) Well, the curtain is about to go up and we're on to the Second Act of our London trip...

The kids had heard all about Hamley's Toy Shop in Regent Street from a schoolfriend. We went there on Saturday afternoon and, incredibly, it wasn't too busy. I have to say I was slightly disappointed as I thought it was going to be more 'fairy tale' like, more like F.A.O. Schwarz in New York). It's not a cosy place. Just a huge shop on 5 or 6 floors with stark lighting and decor. And shelves and shelves of toys.

The kids, as you can imagine, were impressed nonetheless ;) DD7 stopped after the first floor and declared she already knew what she would like to buy (a Hello Kitty Build-a-Bear) and didn't need to look any further. Manage to persuade her to take a peek at the other floors and of course, she changed her mind several times from a painting set, to magic pens to cuddly dogs...not all of them pocket-size.

She finally decided (very wisely, I must add) on a special sticker set. And DS10 got some Club Penguin cards which he had been reading about on the net (they haven't made it over to Denmark just yet).

To our surprise the weather in London was mild - no snow to be seen - so it was nice to be able to walk around without hats, scarves and gloves as we've been doing back in Copenhagen for the past three months. But it rained quite a lot on Monday morning so we decided to ditch visiting the Tower of London and head indoors to the Natural History Museum. This was a real eye-opener and, in contrast to Hamleys Toy Shop, I wasn't disappointed but highly impressed. We entered from Cromwell Street and came into a very modern part of the museum, complete with shining crystal globes.

And a huge escalator which took you up into the skies and on a journey to the centre of the earth - or so it seemed for our two little visitors :)

We started off by looking at volcanos, earthquakes, solar system, birds etc and ended up in the museum's current 'star attraction' - the Dinosaur exhibition, complete with a lifesize moving T-Rex.

The old part of the museum building looks exactly like the set from the film "Night at the Museum". But this dinosaur sadly doesn't chase bones... And unfortunately for Mum, there is no 'Larry' on duty ;)

Older kids and adults will enjoy the Cocoon part of the museum. Here you can see 'real' researchers at work and there are plenty of interactive activities - what and how to pack for a field trip etc. And staff on hand to explain the equipment used when collecting specimens etc.

Had a great sandwich and caffelatte at the Deli Café (there are several places to eat) and the shops had a good range of gifts. Though I had to laugh when I saw that they were selling 'make your own volcano' kits. We made our own one for free a couple of weeks ago - see my Crafty Tuesday post - She's gonna blow! But the shop did have some really nice jewellry so I splashed out (£4, circa $8) on a couple of gemstone rings! ;)

Which reminds me that I need to go reapply my nailvarnish before I can wear them and post a pic...time to get moving.

Normal service will be resumed on the blog tomorrow, which means Menu Planning as it's Thursday. Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

London Calling - part one

Got back late last night from a terrific long weekend in London! :)

We were invited to a birthday party in Greenwich on Saturday night. A good friend and former colleague (from DH and I's heady days working in Luxembourg) was holding a very belated 40th birthday party. Two years late to be precise ;) We decided to make a mini-holiday out of it and took DD7 and DS10 with us. A great time was had by all and yes, DD7, even cried when we left... ;)

I could probably write a whole new blog about the trip but I'm going to condense it into two blog posts. Starting with Sunday's highlights...

A tour booked with on a London "Duck" amphibian vehicle from the 2nd World War used for the D-Day landings. We were aboard the good 'ship' Cleopatra.

First you see all the London sights by road (Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The Ritz Hotel, London Eye, etc, etc, etc) then, in the same vehicle, you 'splash down' into the River Thames to get a closer view.

Amazingly it was warmer when we were down on the water than up on land (the engine has to work incredibly hard to sail just at a speed of a few knots, so it 'heats' up the inside of the vehicle). The 'Duck' sits very low in the water.

I took plenty of photos, including this one for my twitter friend Candace. It's a megafancy apartment block (just beside MI6 headquarters) and the residents are British MPs, authors and actors. If you look very closely, you might just be able to get a glimpse of Dr Who David Tenant's flat... ;)

We were a bit chilly after our sightseeing trip, so stoked ourselves up on buns and hot chocolate. Then went back to our friends house in Islington to have a little rest before getting glammed up for our evening out. We wanted to eat dinner out with the kids so we ended up here.

Started with crispy duck pancakes...

Then on to (fluorescent) sweet and sour chicken and shredded chili beef which came nicely presented with a little pink flower on the side...

We decided not to eat the flower...

Then it was 'showtime'! Because no trip to London would be complete without a show at the West End. We couldn't get tickets for "We Will Rock You" (our first choice) so decided on Thriller Live (as the kids have been learning Michael Jackson songs at school). A great show with lots of loud music, spangly outfits, discodancing, breakdancing and moonwalking. Add in plenty of glitter and fireworks and, voilà, DD7 couldn't stop clapping ;) You're not allowed to film/take pictures of the show, so you'll have to make do with this one of the curtain.

I'll be back tomorrow with 'the second act' so, until then, sit back and enjoy your icecream...

Bon appétit and happy Tuesday! :)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Mmmmmmm Monday

Even though the Flylady habit for January is shining your sink, it's so important to keep working on the pamper habit. I don't know about you, but my batteries seem to run out of power very quickly at this particular time of year. The rush I get from Christmas is over and spring isn't quite making it's mark yet. Not to say that it's not beautiful outside - here's a picture I took when we were out running in the park last Thursday morning at 8.45am...


There wasn't any sunshine but all that white just brightens up the whole place. And it was a 'go us' moment - running 3k when it's -2c/29f outside!

Anyway, to get back to the pampering, what are you doing to keep yourselves cheery? I'm always on the lookout for new ideas... I've learned something valuable from my twisters (twitter sisters). The joys of having a cup of coffee alone in a coffee shop. Something I never did before. So just for the record - in order to prove that I've done it a few times and I'm getting into the habit - here's my current favourite from the Danish coffee shop chain Baresso:
  • a chai-cino (chai tea made with lots of lovely cow's milk
together with
  • a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
Have a mmmmmmm Monday! :)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Scaredy Cat Challenge - 24 January 2010

I've started a 'Scaredy Cat Challenge' for myself - following the advice of Jonathan Roche (see my previous post I'm in Stitches!). He talked about it in connection with exercising, but it can be applied to anything really. So for the duration of 2010, I'm going to do things I've been putting off. I'm not procrastinating about tasks in the Flylady sense of "I haven't got the time to do that right now". It's more things I would like to do but "I'm too scared, I don't know how" sense. If you get my drift... ;)

Last Saturday I started sewing an apron from a pattern. You can see how I got on here.

And what can I report today - one week on? The apron is finished - yippee! :) And très nice it is's DD7 modelling it. Though it's all mine! ;)

And here's the other side. You'll remember it's reversible ;)

The pesky bias strips which I had - of course - been putting off, turned out to be very easy to do. I set my Flylady timer and took less than the magic 15 minutes! The only tricky thing turned out to be sewing on the neck straps (I chose in the end to do them by machine, life is too short for handstitching). The problem was that the front and back of the apron (it's reversible, you'll remember...) didn't quite match up. Well, nobody's perfect - right? And it's only me who knows. And you lot.

Anyway, it's finished, it's blinking lovely, and now I'm ready to tackle other patterns and sewing techniques. Gathers?? Go home!

So what is my next 'Scaredy Cat Challenge' for myself? Well, I had a twitter conversation with Missus Smarty Pants the other night and I was pampering my feet and painting my toenails. She always paints hers in light colours, I always do mine dark (today they are purple, Gosh #99 Isabel). Because I like to cover them up. I really should have my feet done by a chiropodist (various imperfections, not just my toenails) but...I hate people touching my feet, I'm so ticklish! :)

Oh yes, I've been for manicures and pedicures before. But the pedicure part was half-heaven and half-nightmare. So I've decided to get these tooties looking lovely for the onslaught of spring and summer. 2010 will be the year! So that's my next Scaredy Cat Challenge. To take the plunge, make an appointment (or two) and get it over and done with (and definitely grumble about the expense). Who knows, maybe I'll even enjoy it? [simpers]

Have a simply super Sunday! :)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mum's Minestrone

There's been a lot of talk amongst my twisters (Twitter sisters) about soups recently. Not really a surprise with the 'postcard' winter weather we've been having from London to Copenhagen to Iowa.

Here's one of my own favourite family soups, my Mum's minestrone. She always makes it in her pressure cooker - I always make it in my crockpot. I don't know where she got the recipe, but it has niente to do with Italy... But mamma mia, it's good! ;)

You'll need:
  • an onion (a good soup always starts with an onion)
  • butter or oil for frying (if not using crockpot)
  • one or two cloves of garlic, crushed or chopped (if you like garlic)
  • couple of leeks, couple of carrots, roughly chopped
  • 1 pint or ½ litre of stock (I use chicken stockcubes)
  • tin of tomatoes
  • one tablespoon of sugar
  • teaspoon of dried herbs (oregano, thyme or basil - use what you have)
  • small handful of rice
  • two handfuls of pasta, or spaghetti broken into wee bits
  • sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • bacon in small pieces (see note below)
There are two methods...

You can put the whole 'shebang' in the crockpot and let it cook on high for 4 hours or low for 5+ hours.

Or you can do it on the stove. Fry the onion in a bit of oil or butter. Add the garlic, leeks and carrots and soften. Add the stock, tinned tomatoes, sugar, herbs, rice, pasta and salt and pepper. Bring to the boil then simmer gently for about 30 minutes.

I always add bacon to mine. Either cut up into small bits and thrown in with everything else, so it gives flavour to the soup but is still soft. Or I fry it (in the oven for about 15 minutes at 200c/400f) until it's really crispy and ready to crumble on the top.

Bon appétit and happy snowy Saturday! :)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Good evening Vienna from Wonderful Copenhagen

I got a tweet this morning from Eddie Izzard. He retweeted this:

It's a campaign to get the song "Vienna" by Ultravox to the number one spot in Great Britain. They were cheated at the post in 1981 by that irritating song "Shaddup You Face" by Joe Dolce. (Warning: Don't think about that irritating too long - you won't be able to get it out of your head again.)

I came across this little pink piece of paper (in an old recipe file) when I was doing one of my Flylady decluttering sessions...

"Vienna", handwritten, complete with my own attempts to decipher the lyrics and - what a clever little girl I was - no spelling mistakes! Ahhhh, for the old days. When ironing was something your Mum did ;)

Have a fabulous Friday! :)

PS: Don't forget to join the campaign!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Menu planning Thursday - 21 January 2010

We've had a busy week and our plans changed a lot (nothing new there...) so things from last week's menu plan got moved around or substituted. Isn't it great to have a fully-stocked pantry and freezer so you can still avoid the 4pm stress? ;) Here's this week's plan:

  • Didn't make Danish suppe (meatball and dumpling soup) on Tuesday, so doing it tonight. Will serve with bread from the breadmachine and then Eve's Pudding for dessert. Recipe for the pudding is here. I'm using cooking apples from the apple trees in our back garden - go me for taking the time to store them in the autumn! ;)

  • Didn't make chili yesterday (we had breaded chops, carrots and pearl barley risotto) so chili in the crock today. Rice from the ricecooker.
  • Eating with friends - yeehaw! :)
  • Spelt burgers (frozen) that are baked in the oven, served on wholemeal rolls, lots of veggies and dip, tortilla chips on the side. Kiddies favourite ;)
  • Chicken wrapped in puff pastry and baked. Serving with fresh spinach/rucola/tomato salad.
  • Scout night has come round again... Pork fajitas, will serve with some Spanish rice.
  • Using the crock again - beef paprika goulash. I've already fried up the beef strips (they're in the freezer) will defrost the night before, then put in the crock along with paprika goulash mix in the morning. And mashed potatoes - yum!
Bon appétit and happy Thursday! :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Får De? (Are you being served?)

It's been snowing all morning (been out twice to shovel and sweep) and now I'm off down to Hellerup to buy a scarf for a friend. So why am I stuffing a rather large crockpot cookbook into my handbag?

Let me introduce you to a fantastic teeny tiny place in Hellerup called "The Pink Flamingo". The boring term for it is 'shop'. In reality it's an Aladdin's Cave. Though Aladdin wouldn't be seen dead in the place because it's full of really girly stuff. Packed to the gunnels with it. So much so that it spills out on to the pavement...notice a few soft flakes of snow on the boots :)

And what's inside the shop? Ballerina flats covered in sequins, buttons and bows, fashionable wellies, UGG boots, leggings and tights for every occasion, more Oilily bags than you can shake a stick at, makeup, skincare products, the latest trendy bracelets...

I'm not even going to try and describe the hair accessories. Suffice it to say that they cover the whole of the shop counter and hang precariously over the edge. How about some Danish design raincoats, dresses, tops, knitwear, candles, serviettes or lunchboxes. Back out on the street there are greetings cards and wrapping paper...and pair knifty, stripey socks? Brrrrr, love, you might want to put a coat on!

Last but not least, they have - hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the shop, together with handbags in every shape and size - a fantastic selection of my personal favourite...scarves! :) Which was the whole reason I went there this morning. (And to look for another one for myself, bien sûr...) Got exactly what I was looking for, a scarf by the Danish company Erfurt. I'm still in love with the green one I bought back in October - you can see it on my earlier post These are a few of my favourite things - Scarves. Here's the scarf I bought today, ready for it's lucky new owner ;)

But why the crockpot cookbook? Well, the couple who own the shop are just so... Nice! :) Everything is beautifully wrapped, they always have great ideas whether you need to buy a pocketmoney gift or a party outfit. And best of all they love a good chat! ;) The last time I was in the shop we had a long and rather animated chat about my crockpot (as yet unheard of in little ole Denmark). They decided they'll buy one the next time they're in Germany (slowcookers are gaining popularity there). So I decluttered some cookbooks this morning (go me!) and the crockpot cookbook has now gone to a new home with two good owners! ;)

And now you need the address of this tiny shop, don't you? Strandvejen 161, Hellerup. Busstop is called "Lille Strandvejen". By the way, see the lady in the picture? Around these parts, the fur is 'fur real'! ;)

Have a wonderful wintry Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Crafty Tuesday - 19 January 2010 (You light up my life...)

OK, hope that corny title got your attention! Are you ready for another 15 minute craft? ;)

Today's 'candle jar' craft is inspired by one that DD7 made for me at scouts. She painted the outside of a glass jar with red, pink and yellow paint. We received our 'gift' at the Scout Christmas party - they put out all the lights and the beaver scouts did a little candlelight procession. Yep, the 'Mum tears' were certainly out in force that day :) Here's DD7's jar in all it's glory...

We placed the jar on the coffeetable in the livingroom and have had it lit every night since Christmas. It gives a surprisingly warm glow! :)

Well, yonks ago I saw a similar candle jar craft in a Danish library book. And, of course, completely forgot all about it. Until DD7 made her one! Very simple, easy for kids and takes no time at all. Well, okay, it takes about 15 minutes... Set that timer, hold on to your hat and let's go! ;)

You'll need:

  • Découpage Lak (that's the Danish name) or Podge or clear glue
  • a brush
  • tissuepaper
  • old glass jar, size not important
  • tealight votive
  • salt, optional

Tear the tissuepaper into manageable strips or pieces. Put a layer of glue over the entire glass jar. Cover with a piece of tissuepaper and paint a layer of glue on top of the tissuepaper.

Keep going until the whole jar is covered. Doesn't take long! I used yellow tissuepaper. The colour will look much stronger when it's dry. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Then you can sprinkle some salt in the bottom of the jar, pop in your tealight (votive) and bob's your uncle! :) I decided to add a red heart to my jar. Did I hear someone say Valentine's Day? ;)

Have a tee-hee-tealight Tuesday! :)

Monday, 18 January 2010

Flybaby Movie Party (Mamma Mia)

Roll up, roll up, for the Greatest Show on Earth!

Get out your diaries because the time has come for our first Flybaby Movie Party of 2010! :)

Saturday 30 January 2010 at the following time
  • 1pm Eastern US
  • 2pm for Nova Scotia
  • 6pm in the UK
  • 7pm in Denmark, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and South Africa
  • 8pm in Israel
What's a Flybaby Movie Party? We pick a movie - this time round it's Mamma Mia - and watch it 'together' around the globe and 'chat' via

Want to join in the fun? Here's how... Find a copy of the film (DVD, Netflix etc). Note to flybabies: go and hunt down a copy RIGHT NOW! Do NOT wait until two hours before we start the party! ;) Then log in to the BlogTalk chat on the day. I will be sending out a link and plenty of reminders... Insert film into TV or computer. Start the film. Chat, relax, enjoy! And remember your favourite beverage and popcorn! ;)

The very first film we watched was Thoroughly Modern Millie [nudge, nudge, wink, wink] and you can read all about it on my post Raaaspberries! ;) We've since watched "The Princess Bride", "Grease" and "Dirty Dancing". This time we're getting ready for a singalong. Are you ready to join us?

Have a Mammagnificent Monday! :)