Menu planning Thursday - 3 December 2009

Really pleased with this week's menu because I'm looking forward to eating all of it! ;) Nice warming food for cold, winter weather...

Also pleased with myself because I browned all the beef for Friday and Sunday (ground/minced beef and strips of steak) this morning and it's now in the freezer, ready to use. Plus I have two extra bags of it in the freezer for next week. Is that being organised, or what? :)

  • roasted chicken legs (the kids LOVE the crispy skin) and red pepper/courgettes (squash)/celery. Serving with bulgur prepared in my ricecooker
  • have two of my favourite kids (friends of DD7 and DS9) coming for a sleepover - so a cosy Friday night in is therefore guaranteed! :) Making crockpot lasagne and veggie sticks. And maybe Danish risengrød (rice pudding) for dessert. They'll get their weekly ration of sweets/candy while watching Disney Sjov on the telly.
  • a real family treat tonight... Flæskesteg (Danish roast pork with crispy, crunchy crackling). Served with baby potatoes, plenty of sovs (gravy) and Danish red cabbage (from a jar).
  • I'm going to Sweden for the morning/afternoon and taking some girlfriends with me. Lunch and shopping are on the cards :) So will put a beef/goulash/paprika/kind of thing in the crockpot before I leave. Will serve with noodles and - just for me - suet dumplings - yum! ;)
  • Breaded pork chops, gratin dauphinois and peas. Didn't make this as planned a couple of weeks ago, so it's back on the menu ;)
  • we have a Scout party - where we will be fed and watered - so if we're still hungry when we get home, we'll have minestrone soup (from the crockpot) and egg/mayo rye sandwiches.
  • Forloren Hare (Danish meatloaf or 'mock hare'). I made four of them for the freezer last Friday, the recipe is here.
Bon appétit! :)