I'm Diane in Denmark - welcome! Let's get organized!

My Flylady Wednesday, short Q & A (Christmas, Dressing your Truth, Flyla...

My Flylady Plan and Play Tuesday, plus our week's menu!

15 minutes working together in Flylady Zone 2 (the kitchen)!

Ready? It's time for the Flylady Holiday Control Journal!

Latest thrift store finds, jazzing up a scarf and refashioning suede boots!

Happy Kanelbullens Day! 15 min declutter in Flylady Zone 1 (scarves, hat...

My day trip to Sweden (thrift shopping in Malmö)!

Flylady Plan and Play Tuesday, what we ate last week, remember to play!

15 mins working in Flylady Zone 1! (Entryway/porch, hall, dining room)

My Flylady Friday and Benny Andersen's "Evening Stroll with Rosalina" (k...

My Flylady Thursday plus more shoe refashioning! (Dyeing suede)

My Flylady Wednesday (walk around the Danish block)!

My (under the weather) Flylady Tuesday! Plan and Play Day